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A Message from Wheel CEO and Co-founder Michelle Davey

This note was shared with Wheel employees on August 18th

Hi team —

Today will be a tough day for Wheel. We’ve made the difficult decision to reduce the size of our team and part ways with 35 Wheelies. We wanted to hold true to our commitment to transparency and communicate this as early as possible so that you know what is happening and what to expect next.

Within the next 20 minutes, those of you who are leaving Wheel will receive a calendar invite to meet with a senior leader in your department. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the decision and ask questions in a private conversation.

For those who are staying, we’ll be gathering as a team at 3 pm CT to discuss this news and our go-forward strategy. You’ll receive a calendar invite in the next hour. In the meantime, I wanted to provide more context regarding why we made this decision, how we’re taking care of those who are leaving, and how we’ll move forward from here. 

Why we made this decision

From the start, our mission has been to put great care within everyone’s reach. Over the last few years, we’ve collectively built a strong business by pairing technology with the leading clinician network for virtual care. We’ve provided care to millions of people while offering clinicians a new way to work in healthcare. 

As you know, this year we planned to move from Horizon 1 (building our marketplace) to Horizon 2 (building our enterprise platform). Horizon 2 is the logical next step for our business to unlock more virtual-first care markets and opportunities. By scaling the underlying infrastructure for the industry, we’ll accelerate everyone’s ability to get quality care on-demand — at any time, from anywhere, and on their own terms. 

This decision to part ways with some of our teammates wasn’t easy and I don’t take it lightly. But this was the right decision to make for our long-term success and to accelerate our move into Horizon 2. Just as importantly, it allows us to prioritize quality over quantity of our efforts. For example, we’ll invest more heavily in the platform experience for Wheel clinicians so they can more easily focus on providing great patient care.

Additionally, as we’ve discussed as a team, we’ve been proactively planning for an uncertain economy so that we’re prepared to execute with focus and adjust as needed. That includes accelerating our fundraising timeline to close our Series C last December. Together, these actions give us the stability to achieve our strategic goals and solidify our position as the clear market leader as we navigate market conditions and industry dynamics.

How are we supporting those who are leaving us?

We value the contributions of the Wheelies leaving us today. Because of their commitment to Wheel and our mission, we’ve made great strides through Horizon 1 as we built our marketplace. I want to express my gratitude for their contributions, which is why we’re prioritizing putting them in the best position possible by offering a comprehensive severance package.

How will we move forward?

For those who are leaving, I’m incredibly grateful for the role each of you has played in Wheel’s journey. 

For those who are staying, you’ll be hearing from your team leads later this morning. In addition to meeting as a company at 3 pm CT, next week we’ll discuss our go-forward plans more extensively, including our product strategy, in our All Hands on Tuesday the 23rd. I know this is a lot to process so please take the time you need to take care of yourself and prioritize your wellbeing. 

And for everyone, I can’t say thank you enough for your commitment to our mission of putting great care within everyone’s reach.  



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